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Zychem Ltd is an Innovative Company who

manufacture and supply products for

education for the Visually Impaired.

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Zyfuse Help


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How should I set the temperature?


A. There is a small round dial (surrounded by numbers 0 - 10) on the top of the machine which controls the temperature of the heater. The dial settings range from 0 (coolest) to 10 (hottest). When the machine is being started from cold (off for 12 hours) use setting ten. As the machine warms up, gradually reduce the temperature to a normal operating temperature of 8.


Q. Why does the machine sometimes cut out before the paper has gone through?


A. Feeding the paper into the machine needs to be quick. The paper should be fed into the slot briskly, so that the rollers grip the paper straight away. This is a safety feature which turns off the system in case of failure. If the paper is stuck, switch off at the mains and retract the paper by hand.


Q. Why don't the edges of the paper raise as high as in the middle?


A. Feed the paper portrait mode (short edge first) down the middle of the heater. For A3, create the original diagram with a 10mm margin. The bulb is manufactured to A4 length, but the two ends of the bulb are not as hot as in the middle; hence the edges do not raise quite as much.


Q. Can a sheet of paper be processed (pushed through the heater) more than once?


A. Yes. It is possible to feed a sheet through more than once, adding further information to the diagram if required. After a few times, the original image will begin to harden and become less clear (we recommend 3 times maximum).


Q. Why do roller marks sometimes appear on the paper after being processed?


A. If the machine is too hot, roller lines can appear on large black areas. The rollers are needed to get the paper through the machine. Simply reduce the temperature.


Download Manual

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